The Peach and Pink Story

At the Peach and Pink Store, we put together a precisely abridged signature collection of highly detailed and designer pieces styled by ingenious fashion experts, boutiques and labels from various corners of the World. That’s what makes the P&P Store a rare yet so very essential terminus for Women Fashion and Panache Clothing. We want to empower the women from all around the world with accessible chic fashion – right within a few clicks. At the same time, we want the Fashion Talent and Signature Boutique Specialists to make the most of a trend clothing portal to showcase their collection and skills and paint the world ‘Peach and Pink’.

The Peach and pink idea

Everything begins with an idea, and so did Peach and Pink. The store has been ideated with a purpose of getting global fashion recognized and accessible to the women all around the world. To make fashion and style not the aspects of luxury but essentials of womanhood so they feel luxurious in the budget that suits them. To empower both workaholics and home-makers with grace, style and trends – so they don’t compromise in pampering themselves and look & feel beautiful.

The Peach and pink promise

The Peach and Pink Store is not just e-Commerce, it is a drive to make every woman feel special about her existence and appearance. So that every woman reaches the fashion taste of her dreams and fantasies, so that what she reads and watches on television, looks at in magazines becomes a reality of her own. It is our peachy pinky promise to propagate global fashion talent and make beautiful clothing accessible to all you pretty women out there!

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