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Get your hands on trendy and designer skirts from Peach & Pink. Skirts are the most common and basic piece of clothing, that can be found in any girl’s wardrobe. Skirts actually existed as apparel before pants came into being, and both men and women wore it universally. If you go through pictures of ancient times, you will see men of different cultures of Europe, America and Africa wore skirts as a regular outfit, historically speaking. But it turned into solely feminine wear over time, and the simple frock-style skirts long considered as a statement symbol of women’s fashion back in the days.

Skirts- How they have evolved

Since the skirts have been in the picture from the ancient ages and also the prehistoric times, their exact origin is unknown. As mentioned above historically even men in the cultures of Europe, America, and Africa used to wear skirts, but later it became more of a feminine trend only. But in Southeast Asia and also in South Asia, even today men wear skirts in the form of lungis and veshtis. Even in Scotland, men wear knitted printed skirts. It will be safe to say that skirts are the only piece of garment that has been existing since the pre – historic times and have gone under the most variations and changes than any other pieces of clothing. Since then the skirts have been transformed into A-line skirts, ballerina skirts, short skirts, pencil skirts, pleaded skirts, divided skirts, full skirts, gored skirts, and also wrap or wraparound skirts.

Different styles and fashion statements

Times changed, designs evolved, and the fashion world is now flooded with different types of stylish and trendy skirts for the womenfolk. There are a flare, midi and pleated skirts for the subtle dressers, pencil and long skirts who prefer to wear it to the workplace, maxi and high waist skirts who love to wear skirts regularly in day-to-day life, and miniskirts, skater skirts, tutus and wrap-around skirts for the fashionistas in the house. The main thing about flaunting a skirt is how you carry it – your poise and your body language in it. If you have got that right, there is no stopping the feminine oomph. Buy skirts online from Peach & Pink and have a trendy season ahead.