Peekaboo Bodycon Dress


Shea Button-Up Bodycon Dress


Pretty Pleats Royal Blue Tail Dress


Catwalk Style Silky Velvet Bodycon


Admiral BlueMoon Bodycon


Cocktail Bold Wine Bodycon Dress


Cocktail Bold Blue Bodycon Dress


Golden & Grey Sheer Bodycon Dress


Better Than Ever Bodycon Dress


Daydream Crochet Bodycon Dress


Cutwork Black Fit & Flare Dress


Fuschia Pink Crochet Pencil Dress

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Buy Bodycon Dresses for Women

A bodycon dress is always right for the occasion, no matter what it is. This cosy and body-hugging silhouette is that ultimate staple outfit in your wardrobe which solves the eternal dilemma of ‘nothing to wear’ time and again. Come an event, you can always slip into a bodycon and rock the stage. No other dress flatters your petite, feminine curves like a bodycon does, and so beautifully. Ideally ending right above your knee, a well-fitted and well-tailored bodycon dress lends your personality with the much-needed confidence boost occasionally. Everybody knows, when you look good, you feel good. And a bodycon always makes sure that you look good. While bodycon styles like velvet-work, metallic embellishments and peekaboo of sheer are kept for the more dazzling occasions like parties, weddings or clubbing, more elegant designs like laces, simple sheaths or the occasional crochet is perfect for workplaces and corporate events. And there are those which fall between the two, and come in dynamic styles of sleeves, necklines and hems, which go on to be your favourite pick for a date night or girls night out.

Bodycon Dresses for Women

Do you love those Madonna, Kim Kardashian and Tina Turner's looks? Those body-hugging, glam dresses that have all your heart! At. Peach and pink Store, we have got all types of bodycon dresses for you!

In order to carry off bodycon dresses, you need to be confident about your body and not conscious of it. There is a common misconception that bodycon dresses accentuate one’s flaws. But, if you have mastered the illusion of perfection. If you know how to rock them, Bodycon dresses are very convenient and great-looking extension to your wardrobe.

Bodycon Dresses Online

The bodycon dresses have been in style for all the good reasons. They are simple yet versatile in making the perfect dress for any occasion. Moreover, they are easy to pull off and suits most body types. Uncovering the new and trendy ways to rock this bodycon style. You can opt for a conventional look or a trending look. All in all, there are a number of ways to wear these bodycon dresses and look stylish altogether.

How to Style Bodycon Dresses

No longer you need to worry about how to wear a bodycon dress, where to buy it from and what to wear with it, check out these styling tips from experts to know how you can wear a bodycon dress without getting conscious.

Accentuates your best feature: It may hug you all over, but you can still use it to flaunt your best assets. A halter, off-shoulder or strapless dress can show off your toned shoulders and killer collarbones. A short length or mini dress can flaunt your gorgeous legs. All in all, pick the one that accents your best feature!

Avoid Thin Materials: Try to avoid thin materials that are super clingy and exaggerate the wrong areas. Instead, make sure your dress is made from thicker material. Also, premium dresses are detailed with paneling, which helps in creating a more structured and neat look. This is a primary rule when it comes to how to look good in a bodycon dress.

Choose a dark color: While there are many ways on how to style a bodycon dress, it is important to know that the shade you pick plays a vital role in it. Dark colours tend to make you feel more confident. You can try bodycon dresses in black since we all know they’re way more flattering. And of course, you can’t go wrong with classic black! It’s sexy, and completes your whole look.

Layering is the Key: Are you finding it difficult to style a bodycon dress in winters? Layering is your savior! Also, if super-fitted dresses make you feel self-conscious, layering can help! Opt for a cape, loose cardigan or a well-cut blazer for women for a more polished look.

Don't be Shy: Confidence is your best accessory. Flaunt what you got, keep up your head high and rock the bodycon look with confidence and you'll be unstoppable. Confidence is going to kill the look.

Minimal Accessories: Let your dress be the show-stopper by keeping the accessories minimal. A few accessory pieces like dangling earrings, watch, and a clutch is sufficient to keep the look tasteful.

Buy Bodycon Dresses Online with Peach and Pink

SInce bodycon dresses are flattering in their own way, to get the most of the bodycon dresses, you need to carry them with confidence along with your style. Bodycon dresses will always be in fashion, for they can possibly bring out the best in you! So, check out our premium collection to look your best the next time you wear a bodycon dress! You can easily order online bodycon dresses in India from our store and we will be happy to see you in one of our bodycon dresses!