Lace Dress

Seafoam Blue Ruffle Lace Dress


Red Riding Hood Midi Lace Gown


Fairy Purple Floral Lace Dress


Stunning & Elegant Chiffon Gown


Lace Overlay White Maxi Dress


Formal Peach Peplum Co-ords Dress


Black Chandelier Lacey Peplum Top


Fit & Flare Beige Skater Dress


Elegant Blush Pink Lacey Dress


Elegant Peach V-Neck Lace Dress


Dream Draped Golden Lace Dress


Fleur Lace Black Jumpsuit

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Explore a wide variety of contemporary lace dresses at Peach & pink. The signature class of lace never goes out of style. There is a certain amount of vintage appeal to the style that sits perfectly with any dress – mini dress, bodycon or designer maxi dress – and allows you a wide range of scope to either dress up or dress down your look for the day. The hide and seek factor of the intricate lace detailing on a dress adds massively to the dramatic charm of it. If you keep two dresses – one with lace and one without – side by side, you will know in a blink which one oozes more style and oomph.

The best thing about lace is, you can go all the way with it or keep it sporadic, and it still works its magic. For the nights of glitz and glamour, when you plan on turning a few heads at a party, a cocktail dress with a complete lace overlay or a little black dress with lace shoulders and sleeve will help you seal the deal. For more formal occasions like work meetings or first dates, you can safely go with subtler lace necklines and hems.

A style that never goes out of fashion

Lace is one of the only detailing that provides a cute vibe and a sexy look from the same dress. As it never gets out of fashion, it is a forever item in your wardrobe. The same dress can be styled in various ways of achieving different looks for the occasion. Accessorising properly is of utmost importance with lace dress, as it can make or break the look. Pearl jewellery are usually paired with lace dresses for a classy statement attire. For a classy look, diamond studded earrings along with elegant stilettoes complete the look with heavy makeup. Even the girl-next-door essence can be maintained by pairing the lace dresses with hair styled in beachy waves and floral wedges with natural makeup. Lace dresses are the best option for casual dinner with friends and family but also one of the wonderful options for a formal gathering. The feel of the dress can be enhanced by pairing it with boots and denim or leather jackets for a rugged look, and the look is completed with a messy bun or loose curly hair. Lace skirts available online can be paired with formal shirts for a corporate vibe with a sleek laptop bag to put together the look while the skirts can also be worn with casual t-shirts to enhance your features.

Fun, fancy and formal

The long lace sleeves of most dresses are more of a style statement than a conservative feature. The lace collars and the sleeves are flirty and fun while also giving a formal vibe to it. The innocence in the lace dresses makes these the statement outfit for most gatherings. The sexy vibes make you feel no less than a runway model in this statement attire usually paired with high heels. The variety of choices here can be made according to the ned of the hour! Sexy? Cuteness? Bold statement? Innocence? Or just simple fun? We, at Peach & pink, have got you covered with the amazing collection of lace dresses online.