Your Beloved Brands

2 Sisters

Peach and Pink Store brings you 2 Sisters – your ‘Go to Sister’ clothing boutique label. This popular brand has been beautifying womanhood since its inception. The brand brings to you the most elite collection of female clothing which is chic, class, well-fitting, gracious and extremely high-quality. The nets, threads, fabric, male, accessories, laces, embroideries, and tailoring are all assorted and compiled to make masterpieces that rule your wardrobe for years and years.

Lady Ribbon

The Lady Ribbon brand at the Peach and Pink Store is a unique ensemble of exquisite, contemporary female clothing. The clothing label is known for its rich making and designs by the best cloth artisans from around the world. The fabrics are prudently selected to create a fresh blend of colors and accessories that bring out the best of a woman. Lady ribbon is a lady’s favorite attire – be it casual, work, party, shopping, holiday, portfolio or any other mood, Lady Ribbon caters to all.


A niche Korean Label, Lavida is a high-class female clothing brand that is known for fine, detailed designer wears. The ruffles, the drapes, the fits and a lot more that Lavida brings make women want this brand more. The Lavida couture enriches your wardrobe’s collection with unique and beautiful color and fabric combinations that not just make you look great, but also feel great about yourself. It offers classic wears as well as completely different outfits to meet all your clothing needs for various events and seasons.


Sevy is a designer brand label offering beautiful clothing collection for women made out of fine materials and accoutrements. It especially brings stunning pieces in its wedding and events collection, along with gorgeous dresses, tops, and suits for other occasions and moods. This brand is especially for the women with a taste for fine, unique, designer and chic clothing. Sevy to be precise is for fashion-savvy women who want to look great every time they dress up for every occasion.

Very Very Pretty

The name says it all – the Very Very Pretty label is one of the most sought-after labels in the world when it comes to designer women wear. For the feeling that’s vibrant, positive, royal and beautiful – the Very Very Pretty is the clothing brand for you. Its fashion masters are the most learned designers of the fashion industry who best understand the female anatomy and create the most striking pieces out of the finest materials that empower the women of today to look gorgeous, feel gorgeous and spread their gorgeousness all around.